Monday, October 19, 2009

Woody Fryman (#112)

As you can see from the previous post, Jim Bunning was All-Everything for the Phillies pitching staff in 1967. Nevertheless, the Phillies traded him to the Pirates in the off-season for Woody Fryman and 3 minor-league prospects (including SS Don Money).

Since this card was in the 2nd series, it was printed and sold just a few months after the trade, so we see Woody still in his Pirates uniform (no, that's not Jim Thome).

Though not as accomplished as Bunning, Fryman was 12 years younger, and as a southpaw, he gave the Phillies' starting rotation more balance, teamed with lefty Chris Short and righthanders Larry Jackson and Rick Wise. (Bunning was righthanded.)

After three seasons as a starter, Fryman spent his last year and a half with the Phillies as a swingman, before being shipped to the Tigers in late 1972.

Topps lazily used this same photo for Fryman's 1969 card, apparently having no time during the 12 months after the trade to snap a new picture of Fryman.

Also see his 1967 card.

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