Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bob Aspromonte (#95)

Bob Aspromonte was an original Houston Colt .45 from 1962. In fact, he started practically every game at 3rd base for Houston for their first 6 years. Here we see "Aspro the Astro" with a doctored cap, as with all the 1968 Astros cards.

The back of the card tells us that "Last year, Bob had his finest big league season at the plate". No matter, as 1968 was the year he finally lost his regular 3B job (to 2nd-year man Doug Rader). After 1968, Bob was sent on to the Braves, and ended his career in 1971 with the Mets.

The card back also tells us that Bob got 1 at-bat with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956. Thanks to that one appearance, he became the last active Brooklyn Dodger.

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