Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mets Rookies - Jerry Koosman/Nolan Ryan (#177)

Has there ever been a better 1-2 punch on a Topps Rookies card than this? Topps had a pretty good combination on one rookie card in 1967, but this one is gold. I was flipping through my 1968 cards, and no other team's rookie cards comes close. (I also discovered that there were no Giants' Rookies cards in 1968.)

Jerry Koosman followed up what teammate Tom Seaver started in 1967 with a spectacular rookie season of his own in 1968, including being selected to the all-star team, and was the National League southpaw on the Sporting News all-star team.

Nolan Ryan's early career with the Mets was adequate. (Does anyone remember his ongoing problems with finger blisters, and the pickle brine solution that was the treatment?) Ryan was traded to the Angels a few years later for an aging Jim Fregosi. This turned out to be the Mets' version of the Phillies/Cubs Ferguson Jenkins trade.

Good call, Topps!!

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