Thursday, March 16, 2017

Born on the Same Day - 6/2/1940

My planned next post about who the Phillies had protected in the expansion draft after the 1968 season will have to wait for awhile. I do not have my 1968 Phillies' cards scanned in the groupings I need for that post yet, and my scanner has not been working for a few weeks. 

I'm moving later this month, so fixing it or getting a new scanner is not high on my to-do list right now. Meanwhile, I have about 5 cards already scanned for each of my baseball blogs, so I will proceed with them for the time being. 

Another installment in my "Born on the Same Day" series, featuring players who were born on the same day (!) and year.

This is post #15 in the series: Jim Maloney and Horace Clarke - both born on 6/2/1940.

Jim Maloney was the Reds' ace starter from 1963-69. He won 23 games in '63, 20 in '65, and was an All-Star in 1965. He topped 200 strikeouts every season from 1963-66, and pitched 2 no-hitters. Injuries shortened his career, just as the Big Red Machine was getting started.

Horace Clarke joined the Yankees in May 1965. After playing shortstop for the 2nd half of his first full season season (1966), he slid over to 2nd base following Bobby Richardson's retirement after 1966, and manned that spot from 1967-73. Horace split his final season (1974) between the Yankees and the Padres.